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Maine Agricultural Fairs

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The Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs is a made up of volunteers from our member fairs. We are managed and operated by a slate of officers and a board of director's.

We also hosted an annual membership meeting where officers and Board members are elected and an agenda is put together, following the mission statement of the Association.

The Association promotes good fellowship and the spirit of cooperation among the officials of the State's fairs. An interchange of ideas is encouraged to stimulate cooperation. The importance to the fairs that their physical conditions can be materially improved and how to do so is discussed.

Another focus is ensuring and aiding the association fairs in providing an educational experience to all fair goers.


Maine Agricultural Fairs


  •  February 25 - Maine Motor Transport Augusta - Presidents Meeting @ 10am
  •  March 30 to April 1 - IAFE Zone 1 Meeting, Wyomissing, PA
  •  April 4 - Ag Day at the Legislature
  •  April 15 - Maine Motor Transport @ 9am
  • June 17 - Maine Motor Transport @ 9am
  •  August 26 - Acton Fair - Convention Planning @ 10am
  •  October 1 - Fryeburg Fair @ 10am
  •  November 18 - Maine Motor Transport @ 9am
  •  December 9 - Maine Motor Transport @ 9am
  •  **If needed --- Snow Date***
    December 16 - Maine Motor Transport @ 9am
  •  January 25-27 2018 - MAAF Convention - Holiday Inn by the Bay

    Maine Agricultural Fairs

    It's a Hole Lota Fun!


    Maine Agricultural Fairs

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    Maine Fair Facts

    Interesting Facts about Maine's Agricultural Fairs

    • Maine can proudly boast of it's 26 licensed and 1 non-licensed agricultural fairs.
    • Skowhegan Fair began in 1818 and lays claim to being the oldest continuous-running fair in the United States. - they celebrated their 190th year of fairs in 2009.
    • The classic-car show at the Ossipee Valley Fair in South Hiram featured 143 cars in 2008 and the trophies given out at the fair are considered among the largest in New England car shows with some of the trophies 53 inches tall and weighing 40 pounds.
    • Harmony's Free Fair really does not charge admission.
    • Fryeburg Fair in October is considered Maine's largest agricultural fair attracts more than 300,000 people annually.
    • There were over 850 thousand paid attendees at the fairs in 2006.
    • Over 20 thousand birds and animals were exhibited at the fairs in 2006.
    • There were over 21 thousand articles exhibited in exhibit halls in 2006.
    • Maine's agricultural fairs are the best educational entertainment you can find for your entire family and we encourage you to visit one or more of them this fair season which starts in July and ends in early October.

    See you at the fairs!


    Maine Agricultural Fairs

    MAAF Board of Dirctors

    •  * AS required in the bylaws shall be held in the month of January and the time and place of said meeting will be determined by the officers of the Association.


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