Maine Association
​Agricultural Fairs


The objective of this Association shall be to aid in providing an educational experience to our fairgoers by representing the agricultural fairs of the State of Maine, promoting good fellowship and the spirit of cooperation among officials of our agricultural fairs, encouraging an interchange of ideas, stimulating cooperation and creating a deeper impression of our annual agricultural fairs that their conditions may be materially improved.

This Association shall be open for membership to any agricultural fair of the State of Maine.

Any individual or organization interested in the objectives of this Association may become an associated member of this Association on majority vote of the Board of Directors.  Such membership shall not include the right to vote, to hold office or to constitute a quorum. 


  1. Kathryn R. Hunter, President
    Kathryn R. Hunter, President
    Topsham Fair - (2020)
  2. Rusty Weymouth, 1st Vice President
    Rusty Weymouth, 1st Vice President
    Piscataquis Valley Fair - (2020)
  3. Jerry Gilpatrick, Imm. Past President
    Jerry Gilpatrick, Imm. Past President
    Ossipee Valley Fair - (2020)
  4. Sue Baker, Clerk
    Sue Baker, Clerk
    Windsor Fair
  5. Michael Timmons, 2nd Vice President
    Michael Timmons, 2nd Vice President
    Cumberland Fair - (2020)
  6. Shaun Yeatts, Executive Director
    Shaun Yeatts, Executive Director
  7. Rayma Ashby, Treasurer
    Rayma Ashby, Treasurer
    Litchfield Fair
  8. Catharine Damren, Legislative Liaison
    Catharine Damren, Legislative Liaison
    Windsor Fair
  9. Toby Whitman, NP Director
    Toby Whitman, NP Director
    Ossipee Valley Fair - Short Term (2019)
  10. Dean Baker, PM Director
    Dean Baker, PM Director
    Fryeburg Fair - 1st Term (2019)
  11. G. David Byras, Jr., NP Director
    G. David Byras, Jr., NP Director
    Litchfield Fair - 2nd Term (2020)
  12. Neal Yeaton, PM Director
    Neal Yeaton, PM Director
    Farmington Fair - Appointed Term (2020)
  13. Darcy Winslow, NP Director
    Darcy Winslow, NP Director
    Waterford World's Fair - 1st Term (2021)
  14. Tom Foster, PM Director
    Tom Foster, PM Director
    Windsor Fair - 2nd Term (2021)